Blockchain Based Solution for Vendor Management & Incident Management

Led the successful deployment of the FoodLogiQ blockchain solution. Working closely with the team, we identified the need for a solution to manage and onboard vendors and customers, and ensure compliance with FSQA regulations. The cutting-edge blockchain technology was identified as a potential solution, and I collaborated with the team to develop and deploy the solution.


The blockchain-based solution I helped to implement created product-specific document tasks with each vendor, which enhanced compliance tracking and utilization of compliance documents. This facilitated an efficient onboarding process for vendors and customers, while also ensuring adherence to regulations.


Furthermore, I contributed to ensuring the solution provided a secure and immutable database for managing compliance documents, vendor information, and incident reports. This enabled effective traceability and transparency throughout the compliance management process, which was crucial for enhancing incident management capabilities.


Overall, my contributions were crucial to the success of the FoodLogiQ project. Collaborating closely with the team, we were able to develop and deploy a cutting-edge blockchain solution that enabled efficient onboarding of vendors and customers, compliance tracking, and incident management.


  • May 2022

“Led the deployment of the FoodLogiQ blockchain solution, enhancing vendor onboarding, compliance tracking, and incident management.”