Generative AI & Machine Learning Adoption

Leading an initiative that aims to educate and upskill Project Managers on leveraging generative AI and machine learning models, such as OpenAI's GPT-4 and ChatGPT. The project involves designing and implementing a comprehensive training program. The goal of this program is to illustrate how the integration of AI technologies can effectively enhance productivity and improve project outcomes.


As part of this initiative, I am facilitating hands-on sessions with AI tools. We anticipate that this exposure and practical experience will lead to a significant increase in project efficiency across all teams. In my role, successful cross-functional collaboration is key, ensuring seamless integration of AI technologies within existing project management frameworks.


I am fostering a learning environment that empowers Project Managers to harness the potential of AI. This approach is leading to the development of innovative problem-solving strategies and improved data-driven decision making. To ensure the training program's effectiveness, I am continuously assessing its impact and making necessary adjustments. This adaptability ensures our training remains relevant in the fast-evolving field of AI.


Ultimately, this initiative is cultivating a future-forward mindset among Project Managers. It encourages them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in AI and machine learning, ensuring that our project management processes remain cutting-edge and efficient.


  • May 2023

“Led an initiative to upskill Project Managers on generative AI and machine learning, like GPT-4. Designed a hands-on training program, promoting AI integration, innovative strategies, and data-driven decisions.”