There is no such thing today as technology-for-technology's sake; there can only be technology for the benefit of business. Only information technology has a direct impact on the activities of the core process to make them cheaper, better and faster. IT must get out of the ivory tower and smoothly coalesce with business. If an organization only views IT as a service delivery function - keeping the car running etc... - then its true value is lost.

What I Do

Strategic IT Leadership

Lead and shape the technological direction of organizations, ensuring alignment between business goals and IT strategy, while fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Project & Program Management

Oversee end-to-end IT projects from conception to completion, ensuring timely delivery, optimal resource allocation, and adherence to best practices.

Consulting & Solution Crafting

Collaborate with stakeholders at all levels to identify technological opportunities and challenges, providing expert advice and tailor-made solutions to drive organizational success.

Risk Management & Disaster Recovery

Implement and oversee comprehensive risk management frameworks, ensuring the safeguarding of IT assets; devise and test disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity in unforeseen scenarios.



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