Microsoft Solutions: Strategic Road Map & EA Negotiation

I spearheaded an initiative to assess our organization's current Microsoft tools and assets. I led a team of stakeholders and subject matter experts in a comprehensive evaluation of our technology needs and identified the suite of Microsoft technologies that aligned with our strategic roadmap for the next three to five years.


Throughout the project, I developed and executed a thorough project plan that included key milestones and deliverables. I collaborated closely with various departments and stakeholders to ensure that the project was aligned with our organization's overall objectives.


Additionally, I oversaw the renegotiation of our Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft, leveraging the insights and recommendations from the technology assessment to secure a more favorable agreement for our organization. This involved careful negotiation and communication with Microsoft representatives to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.


Overall, this project resulted in significant cost savings for our organization, streamlined processes, and increased efficiency through the adoption of the most appropriate suite of Microsoft technologies. My leadership and project management skills were instrumental in the success of this initiative.


  • April 2022

“I led an assessment of our Microsoft tools, realigned tech needs for a 3-5 year roadmap, and renegotiated a beneficial Enterprise Agreement, resulting in cost savings and efficiency.”