Multiple New Acquisition Integrations Simultaneously

At Smithfield, I took the helm of a project centered on the integration of IT infrastructure components, crucial for three simultaneous acquisitions. My responsibilities went beyond the standard oversight; they involved a deep dive into the complexities and intricacies of large-scale integration.


Working with a dedicated team, we tackled the nuances of desktop, server, network, application, and business process integrations. Given the vast differences in IT environments across organizations, we prioritized a thorough audit of each acquired entity's systems. This allowed us to identify potential compatibility issues, legacy systems in need of updates, and opportunities for streamlining and system synergies.


One of the more intricate tasks was data migration and ensuring data integrity post-migration. Additionally, we evaluated cybersecurity protocols across the acquired entities to ensure alignment with Smithfield's established security standards. Recognizing the importance of a smooth workflow transition for employees, I also oversaw comprehensive training programs, tailored to the unique needs of each acquisition.


Another key responsibility was ensuring the seamless integration of differing business processes, which meant working closely with department heads and understanding the operational nuances of each acquisition.


Supporting this complex transition, I facilitated training and spearheaded go-live initiatives, ensuring every stakeholder was equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary. This wasn't just about technical integration; it was about weaving these entities into the fabric of Smithfield, aiming for a cohesive, efficient, and unified operational environment.


  • October 2019

“At Smithfield Foods, I led the IT integration of three acquisitions, addressing desktop, server, network, application, and business process intricacies. I managed data migration, cybersecurity alignment, and facilitated employee transition through training and go-live initiatives.”