Creation of IT M&A “Playbook”

Working in the Office of the V.P. of Information Technology, my mandate was the creation of a novel IT M&A playbook for the firm. The intent behind this endeavor was to fine-tune the handling of a series of high-stakes, intricate M&A activities and overarching corporate projects. These projects frequently intersected with multifaceted teams, spanning both functional divisions and executive echelons.


My approach entailed forging strong connections with a diverse range of stakeholders, collating their insights to map out the playbook's foundational requirements. This encompassed sourcing best practices and methodologies that would be pivotal to M&A assimilation success. Parallelly, I architected a detailed project blueprint, demarcating timelines, significant milestones, and key deliverables, all while ensuring the team's alignment with our collective aims.


Throughout this venture, I extended consistent leadership, offering directional counsel and continuous support. A significant portion of my role involved streamlining communications with executive tier stakeholders and refining the decision-making lattice. Beyond the playbook's design phase, I steered its rollout, making certain it resonated with the organizational needs and aspirations.


The culmination was the successful inception and institutionalization of the IT M&A playbook, which bolstered project stewardship, amplified operational efficacy, and fostered a more synergistic cross-departmental rapport. The playbook's realization significantly bolstered the organizational strategy, and I value the central role I occupied in bringing it to fruition.


  • October 2017

“As Senior Manager, IT Infrastructure in the VP's Office of IT, I developed a novel IT M&A playbook to optimize intricate M&A processes, ensuring alignment across multifaceted teams and executive tiers.”