Collocation Network Infrastructure Deployment and Integration

I am currently co-leading the extensive deployment of a collocation network infrastructure across two distinct Rackspace locations. This comprehensive endeavor merges the integration of cutting-edge technologies, multiple vendors, an intricate ongoing support model, and the effective utilization of an existing IT Service Management (ITSM) system.


The project involves the careful selection, procurement, installation, and configuration of firewalls, switches, and MPLS connections from a multitude of vendors. Through detailed planning & precise execution, we are building a robust, scalable, and secure collocation environment that not only meets our dynamic business demands but also ensures optimum service delivery to our customer base.


To safeguard the performance, reliability, and longevity of our new infrastructure, we are developing and implementing a complex ongoing support model. This model facilitates continuous monitoring, regular maintenance, and proactive optimization, ensuring the resilience of our network environment.


As part of our commitment to efficient IT operations, we are integrating an existing IT Service Management (ITSM) system into our new infrastructure. This phase involves incorporating the ITSM's Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to provide a comprehensive overview of all IT assets and services. The effective integration of the CMDB is facilitating efficient tracking, incident management, and change control, significantly reducing risks, enhancing operational transparency, and supporting informed decision-making.


From coordinating with multiple teams and negotiating vendor contracts to strategic planning and meticulous project execution, I am managing a broad spectrum of responsibilities. Once completed, this initiative will substantially fortify our network and communication infrastructure, streamline IT operations, and set us on a robust path to embrace future growth opportunities and maintain high service quality for our customers.


  • June 2023

“I'm co-leading the deployment of a collocation network infrastructure across two Rackspace sites, integrating advanced technologies, vendors, and a sophisticated support model with our ITSM system.”